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Tableau is a game-changer

Changing the way you think and interact with data.

Discover the Tableau platform

When it comes to elevating people with the power of data, only Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run even the world’s largest organizations. Learn more about how the Tableau platform helps you turn your data into insights that drive action—while making your IT team happy, too.

The Tableau platform covers all use-cases that define a state-of-the-art analytics platform. Discover more about the possible use-cases.

Self-service Analytics

Interactive, visual analysis that allows you to answer questions in minutes rather than weeks embraced by every user in the organization.

External Analytics

Opening up your data towards your customers or suppliers by easily embedding state-of-the-art dashboards it into a web-friendly platform in just a few simple steps.

Enterprise Analytics

Tableau enables actionable data-driven decisions connected to a platform that allows data governance, capabilities like single sign-on, load balancing, etc..

Guided Analytics

Rich, intuïtive and easy-to-use dashboards that provide a rich interactive experience for the consuming user regardless of browsing on the web or mobile.

Tableau platform

Find powerful insights through visualization using data.

Includes Tableau Desktop with data prep and Tableau Server.

Connect, prepare and wrangle any data set without any coding.

Interact with rich data visualizations and dashboards.

Work out of the box with any datasource.

Share data and dashboards across your company and clients at enterprise-grade.

Get alerts, subscribe and collaborate with your company.

Keep data secure on your servers with the correct governance.

Works on the web or on mobile delivering the same experience.

Edit and build visualisations in right from the web.

View and interact with rich Tableau visualizations.

Interact, drill-down and filter on rich guided analytics and dashboards.

Viewers are always connected to data with the right governance and security.

Works on the web or on mobile delivering the same experience.

Get alerts, subscribe and collaborate with your company.

Tableau use cases

External Analytics with Tableau

Interact with your customers through analytics

  • Embedded in your own portal
  • State of the art dashboards

Understand what your customers care about

  • Run analytics on the analytics
  • Get more insight, quality engagement

Monetize the value of your customers data

  • Generate new income streams
  • Measure instant ROI

Analytics that grows along with you

  • Up and running within a day
  • Scale up in a transparent model

Tableau embedded in a customer portal

Self-service analytics with Tableau

Untangle thorny business questions

  • Get actionable insights fast
  • Easy to use, intuitive drag and drop interface

Let everyone in on it

  • Ditch static reports for live interactive dashboards
  • Be part of a data-driven culture

Move from data to insight to action

  • Explore and answer questions right from the web
  • Share your insights and collaborate

Big data, live or in memory

  • Handle any type of data and reshape it
  • Integrate with data science teams

Discover self-service with Tableau

Enterprise analytics with Tableau

Governance that empowers the business

  • Centrally managed metadata and security
  • Shared and curated data sources for business

Flexible deployment strategy

  • Deploy on-premise or cloud with Amazon, Google or Azure
  • Installs on both Windows and Linux

Secure all the way

  • Supports Active Directory, Kerberos, oAuth and more
  • Maintain the security of your database with pass-through

Powerful monitoring and management

  • Track and manage content, users, licenses and performance
  • Manage permissions, data sources and security

Enterprise analytics with Tableau

Guided Analytics with Tableau

Rich, interactive content with smart dashboards

  • Best practices of data visualisation baked in
  • Easy to use and designed for tailoring

Drill, filter, hover and get actionable insight

  • Start from a top view and drill to deep data-driven answers
  • Hover and jump to detail data at any point

Empower your users on every level

  • Add security layers on the same view for any user
  • Allow them to share and collaborate, on the web or mobile

Analytics to support your daily tasks

  • Subscribe and get insights in your mailbox
  • Get alerts and comments right at your fingertips

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Tableau Accelerated Development

When you need extra hands to accelerate delivery of Tableau content in your organisation, Biztory can provide the analytic horsepower. Our team spans a wide variety of technical and business background. We are experts in quickly understanding your organisation and your analytical goals in order to to deliver rapid results.

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Tableau Engage Workshop

We love to prototype together with our customers. In an Engage workshop, we gather around the table, have a look at your data, download the tool, and prototype together with you, answering questions as we go. The goal is to provide you insight and clear understanding how this software works. We show how you can use it yourself.

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Tableau Doctor Sessions

We support users in 1:1 sessions where we schedule typically an hour to talk about their technical and analytical challenges in Tableau. Our consultant aka the Tableau Doctor will work with the internal user to create a solution for this problem.


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