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Accelerate Tableau

Accelerate Tableau work with us

Use our expertise to accelerate towards your set goals.

Sometimes you need a pair of extra hands and that’s where we come in to achieve fast results with the a high attention to detail and quality solving your business needs.

World Class Training

Deploy your Center of Excellence

Become a data-driven organization.

Using our unique methodology of six pillars, we will help you deploy a Tableau Center of Excellence. Unleashing your two most valuable assets: your data and your people.

Center of Excellence

Biztory’s expertise is mainly focused on building a CoE within the organisation in combination with our accelerate approach. This structured approach is necessary to improve internal analyst efficiency, deliver greater ROI on Tableau, and further data-driven decision making throughout the organisation based on Tableau. The approach also supports in change management within you adopting to a new platform like Tableau.

Once the CoE is in place Biztory can take a more supportive role instead of being in the lead for the project. Our CoE has a six-pillar approach as seen on the right.

About Biztory

Move from data to insight to action with Europe’s leading analytics team. We are deeply passionate about helping you find answers in data easier and faster. Using industry-leading tools like Tableau, we help you unleash the power of your most valuable assets: your data and your people.

Are you looking for inspiration on any kind of analytics, ranging from self-service to external facing, then look no further. Our team is ready to help you. We are Tableau’s Partner of the Year with offices spread over the European region.

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“Biztory executed so fast we could hardly keep up. They added value to all the brainstorm sessions.”

“Articulated, to the point, understands business problems and dives right into the solutions.”

“Great knowledge of the Tableau platform and best practices advice that helps us move forward.”

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