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Senior Analytics Consultant (BE/NL)

You love data. You’re intellectually curious. You’re honest. Your friends describe you as “friendly,” “analytical” or just “a data geek.” You know how to tell good work from great work, and you’re passionate about doing great work and exceeding expectations. You’re a clear, confident, concise communicator — written and spoken, large group or one-on-one, English and Dutch.

We are Biztory, the best analytics team in the Benelux and rapidly expanding in DACH. Our team of analytics consultants works with some of the largest and coolest organizations in the world. We help them to see and understand their data. When we help them see and understand their data, they gain better business insights. These better insights lead to better actions. These better actions improve their organizations, which improves the world. So, in a way, we are world-changers 😉

But back to you:
Data models, data types, databases, and querying data come naturally to you. You can join, filter, aggregate, and integrate with ease. Put Tableau in your hands, and you quickly analyze, discover, create, filter, group, visualize, and publish with ease. And you love sharing what you know: best practices, tips and tricks, coaching, and leveling everyone up.

Lastly, you’re driven to deliver. You hit deadlines. You get stuff done.

We call this the “Biztory Way.” It’s a mindset at the core of our team culture: we get stuff done. We’re the sort of people who read about complex math — for fun! Some of us have tattoos. Some drive Teslas. Some play guitar. Our regular team events feature knowledge-sharing, great food and drink, and the occasional physical competition.

If you’re like us, you are comfortable with life on the go, working at client locations from Antwerp to Zürich. You can be productive anywhere, even when clients are demanding and deadlines are looming. You self-organize and self-motivate. You love solving challenging problems, helping people find answers in data.

Is that who you are? Does that sound like the kind of work you’d jump out of bed every day energized to do? Then it sounds like Biztory is the place for you.

What is this “Biztory”? Are we a big company? A plucky startup with a tight-knit team? Both!

See, we have the best of both worlds. We’re a small, agile firm with the flexibility to chart the right course — our own course — and react quickly to the changing winds of the market. Yet we have the backing and strength of a large company: Biztory is one of the more than 300 companies in the Cronos Group. Cronos is a 25-year-old Belgian firm with entrepreneurship in its DNA. Privately held, Cronos is 4,300+ people strong with companies doing everything from analytics to coding to UX to video games. Besides the stability of the Cronos “platform,” we also benefit from the deep tech expertise at our sister companies. In fact, we regularly exchange knowledge and skills within Cronos as we collaborate on projects. This is a win for our clients: odds are, there’s a Cronos company that does whatever they need. And it’s a win for you: tremendous upward mobility into entrepreneurship, management, private equity, and other tech and business opportunities within the Group.

So let’s recap:

  • Learn from the best people
  • Work with the best clients
  • Get on a fast and flexible career track
  • Management
    • “Expert” track
    • Pre-sales
    • Equity opportunity

To summarize, here’s what it takes to be successful in this role:

  • Hit the road
  • Be analytical
  • Solve problems
  • Learn quickly
  • Communicate well
  • Wrangle information
  • Visualize data
  • Create dashboards
  • Understand businesses
  • Write SQL
  • Use Tableau
  • Make clients happy

Other things that, if true about you, are votes in your favor:

  • Know R and/or Python
  • Code well (esp. in JavaScript, Java, or .Net)
  • Hold certification in Tableau

Still interested? Is this the right team for you? Send us a note at Let’s chat!