Transportation and Logistics

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The travel & transportation industries have never lacked data, as it’s collected across every interaction point. Whether for a guest, passenger or cargo, data helps to balance demand with supply to optimize revenue and profitability of its inventory and capacity.

With Tableau, you can quickly blend and link similar data to gain the insights needed to improve revenue management and yield through data-driven pricing strategies and visibility into real-time inventory–all the while driving lifetime customer loyalty.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Changing with Logistics Environment

    Adapting to disruptive innovations – e.g., Internet of Things, driverless vehicles, drones, 3D printing, embedded sensors, artificial intelligence, mobile devices and wearable technologies – and their impact on:

    • Business operations

    • Competitive landscape

    • New business opportunities

  • Cutting Transportation Costs

    • Getting more granular visibility into transportation spending to manage and control costs more effectively

    • Identifying negative cost and performance trends – and their root causes – as early as possible to take corrective action

    • Conducting “what if” analyses and predictive scenarios to evaluate service and cost trade-offs of different business strategies and tactics

  • Expanding Collaborative Relationships

    • Digitizing the supply chain

    • Utilizing advancements in information and mobile technologies for more integrated partnerships

    • Increasing the sharing of data sets and big data analytics to improve forecasting, strategies and costs

  • De-centralized Omni-channel Fulfillment

    • Supporting evolving retail strategies (multi-channel, cross-channel, omni-channel)

    • Supporting evolving manufacturing / shipper strategies based on 3D printing, near-shoring and localization

    • New competitors such as last mile delivery companies and uber-like on-demand trucking apps (“uberization “ of trucking)

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