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The industry of business services is based on aligning people and their expertise to the right projects to drive insights for their clients – at a profit.

Most service organizations – be they management consulting, accounting and tax, workforce, marketing, or engineering and construction – have mounds of data on their internal operations across their workforce, knowledge base, projects, utilization, and costs. Services analytics is the means by which this data is analyzed to uncover unique opportunities and insights.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Embedding analytics in service offerings

    • Show quantifiable business value

    • Differentiate offerings for competitive advantage

    • Improve end user experience and protect installed base

  • Increasing average customer value

    • Develop / maintain trust and stay connected

    • Generate predictable, recurring revenue

    • Create new revenue streams

  • Reducing Service Delivery Costs

    • Increase use of technology (mobile, cloud and analytics) and automation to serve more customers with the same or reduced staffing levels

    • Achieve higher, predictable margins

    • Provide a scalable service delivery strategy/platform with predictable costs to on-board

  • Global Business Services

    • Customers are Integrating internal and outsourced business services in areas such as Business Process Optimization and Facilities Management

    • Customers are integrating third parties deeper into their organization and intertwining third-party and internal services through hybrid sourcing approaches

    • Customers increasing want and use analytics to quantify value of outsourced services – i.e., cost, strategic operational analytics, and automation dominate business outcomes for today’s sourcing strategies

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