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Make Tableau your competitive edge

With tight margins, volatile markets, and changing customer demands, retailers and wholesalers can’t rely on intuition alone to drive growth and adapt to change. They need data-guided insights. Retailers are turning to Tableau to give them the visual analytics insights to respond to the demands of the industry.

Over 80% of the top 100 retailers and over 7,000 retail and consumer goods companies around the world trust Tableau to help them understand their data and take action.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Customer Engagements

    • Transition from product-centric to customer-centric retailing

    • Understand and act on customers’ changing behaviors (online comparison/shopping, social networking, mobile apps, etc.)

    • Identify customers with propensity to spend and in which categories (wallet share)

    • Identify where wallet share is being lost, to whom and why

    • Increase granularity and speed of analysis to act on customer insights

  • Multichannel & Omnichannel Retailing

    • Multichannel ─ enable customers to conduct transactions through multiple channels (physical stores, online stores, catalogs, direct mail, email, mobile apps, etc.)

    • Omnichannel ─ multichannel with focus on seamless customer experience through any and all sales channels

    • Integrate and analyze data, processes and supply chains to optimize all sales channels

  • Pricing & Profitability Management

    • Identify “right price” based on competition, brand image, market basket, etc.

    • Fulfill unmet customer needs

    • Set effective promotions

    • Minimize margin leakage of markdowns

    • Improve overall margin performance

  • Supply Chain Efficiency

    • Synchronize supply with demand

    • Optimize inventory across all sales channels

    • Identify items at risk of stock outage or overstock

    • Shift excessive inventory to alternate locations

    • Minimize transportation costs

    • Increase collaboration with customers, merchants, marketing and suppliers

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