Healthcare & Life Sciences

Valuable analytics for healthcare & life science companies

Healthcare & life science data has the potential to reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve the patient experience. The challenge is how to get from information to insight to action. Tableau empowers everyone in a given healthcare organization to find the right path forward.

At major pharmaceutical companies around the world, Tableau supports data-driven action from the lab to the boardroom. Researchers use it to control the quality of high-volume assays, sales leaders use this to improve field sales performance, and marketers get a clear picture of results across physicians, prescriptions, sales, and geography. Find out how Tableau empowers life sciences analytics.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Process Efficiency and Operational Agility

    • Deploy next-generation technologies to streamline business processes

    • Develop an analytical approach to optimize the supply chain

    • Reduce costs without sacrificing customer value

  • Pricing, Cost and Regulatory Pressures

    • Use analytics to improve products, grow revenues and comply with current and emerging regulations

    • Drive informed decisions with a data-driven approach to quality management systems

    • Demonstrate the real world value of drugs to retain market access and premium pricing

  • Transforming Research and Development (R&D)

    • Visualize research data and develop insights

    • Monitor clinical trials to rapidly identify adverse events

    • Integrate and analyze medical information to increase research productivity

  • Patient Engagement and Outcomes

    • Analyze data to demonstrate drug efficacy and to develop treatment protocols

    • Develop customer-facing actions and design promotional activities

    • Evaluate physician preferences to target sales opportunities

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