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Data-driven leadership is the way to go!

Data is a strategic asset in all aspects of government. When presented clearly and visually, data has enormous potential for increased transparency and improving mission critical outcomes and performance in a more operationally efficient manner.

With Tableau, Federal, State, and Local organizations can quickly and easily connect to all their data and visualize it by dragging and dropping—no arcane scripting required. Connect to live data or research old datasets with ease. Use clean, easy to understand dashboards and shave months off of reporting timelines. Government analytics add speed, accuracy, transparency and ease of communication when you leverage Tableau.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Managing Mission Goals

    • Improve government performance and deliver positive outcomes based on political mandates.

    • Tie the long-term goals to executable, measurable strategy and KPIs.

    • Translate strategy to specific objectives at all levels of government.

    • Execute coherent policy based on deep knowledge of trends and factors impacting program effectiveness.

  • Executing Effective Programs

    • Understand and target the needs of citizens more accurately and uncover unexpected patterns to guide citizen interactions and improve outcomes.

    • Get a strategic view of all programs, program results and budgets at every level of government to better manage program execution and outcomes.

    • Identify and understand drivers of citizen behavior and predict current and future program and service needs.

  • Aligning Finances to Programs

    • Gain a strategic view and management of revenue and expenses at all levels of government.

    • Better insight into budget preparation and execution, with results-based budgeting foundations and financial reporting capabilities to support compliance.

    • Effective budget planning and analysis for faster and deeper understanding of factors that impact budgets.

    • Management of financial and operational risk through deep risk analysis capabilities.

  • Optimizing Operations

    • Manage operational resources to predict and prevent outages in services and lower operational costs for program execution.

    • Manage supply chains for more cost-effective and faster procurement of goods.

    • Recruit and retain talent through development programs that encourage career growth and acquire talent quickly and cost effectively.

    • Measure the efficacy and costs of training programs on the skills and development of employees.

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