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Visualize data. Easier and faster.

Financial institutions across the globe use Tableau to gain insights that help them improve service, capture new opportunities, and stand out from the competition.

Zero in on what matters at any moment using dynamic reports with live data. Cross-portfolio visibility helps you identify trends and risks company-wide and uncover relationships inside your business, so you can react faster and reap the rewards.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Digital Banking

    Adapt to changing market environment driven by digital technology:

    • New breed of digitally empowered consumers

    • New types of competitors

    • Required transformations of market approach, systems and processes

  • Risk Management

    • Reduce or at least don't add operational risks (credit risk, anti-money laundering and fraud)

    • Improve transparency of regulatory compliance and speed of reporting and audits

    • Centralize management of risk assessments, monitoring and reporting from a holistic enterprise view

  • Customer Centricity

    • Increase insights into customers’ banking habits, preferences and product demands

    • Improve customer segmentation and cross-selling with more personalized product offerings

    • Deepen customer relationships with differentiating smartphone and tablet apps that help customers easily analyze, manage and conduct their banking activities

  • Increasing Growth / Reducing Costs

    • Key Risk Indicators can be monitored for loan origination factors (e.g., credit scores and loan-to-value calculations), exposures (credit cards, mortgages, loans), write-offs, etc.

    • Integrate branch, online and mobile channels to optimize customer-facing operations to deliver a seamless, omnichannel, customer experience

    • Extend social analytics from marketing and sales to guide overall business strategy

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