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Build efficiency with Tableau

Energy and Resources power modern life — and produce vast quantities of data, from the energy used to the resources needed to make many of these things that help us in business and our everyday lives. With Tableau, you can analyze that data for value that makes you more than a commodity, whether it’s increasing output, reducing downtime, or improving customer service.

With an efficient platform for gaining insights across geographies, products, services, and sectors, you can maximize downstream profits and minimize upstream costs. You can also help clients, partners, investors, and the public understand and visualize your value with interactive online dashboards.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Operational Efficiency

    • Reduce manufacturing, supply chain, sales, administrative, and working capital costs

    • Evaluate supplier cost and market data to provide a fact base for purchasing contract negotiations

    • Analyze machine sensor data to improve safety and efficiency and reduce downtime

  • Digital Transformation

    • Reduce the time lag between planning and execution

    • Digitally connect with production equipment and materials suppliers

    • Utilize materials databases to improve R&D capabilities for product design and development

  • Customer Collaboration

    • Elevate the customer relationship from a commodity supplier to a solutions partner

    • Identify, measure and target customer’s desired outcomes

    • Collaborate with customers across the value chain to build growing competitive advantage

  • Changing Environment

    • Consolidate and rationalize the product portfolio to reduce complexity and maximize profit

    • Analyze the effects of price and cost volatility to optimize production

    • Reduce time to market for new products

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