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Whether keeping a complex operating network running at full capacity or ensuring your media distribution network is optimized to fully monetize your content - Tableau helps you find ways to do more with your existing network, respond to changing patterns of demand, manage customer churn, and predict which expansion strategies will be most profitable. In the face of increasing competition and consumer demands, Tableau empowers you to find and keep your edge.

Unveil insights quickly across all your data, so you can thrive in the always-on communications and media landscape. Immediately evaluate the success of campaigns, make programming decisions that deliver results, and find out who loves your content and why.

Tableau helps you to take on the newest trends in the industry

  • Customer Experience

    • Address growing demand for seamless, high-quality customer experiences and providing more personalized services

    • Improve call center and self-care efficiencies, and proactive customer service

    • Increase customer retention and spending

  • New Revenue Streams

    • Core businesses (network connectivity and the sale of equipment and devices)

    • Services and capabilities that further leverage mobile devices, analytics, IoT and the mobile ecosystem for offerings that are more convenient and efficient for customers

    • Cloud services (for both consumer and business users)

  • Network Quality & Utilization

    • Run operations at Internet speed by increasing the use of analytics and automated processes for managing network assets, operations and the impact of future business scenarios

    • Optimize service assurance and revenue, including network utilization, quality, capabilities and operational expenses

    • Manage network assets more efficiently and effectively

  • Business Efficiency

    • Refine operating models for shorter time-to-market and big data analytics initiatives

    • Diversify service portfolio

    • Improve cross-selling and bundling of established products to offer new forms of value-add to existing customers

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