R you ready to go above and beyond with Tableau External Services?

Join Biztory in our half-day Tableau & R workshop on the 21st of June 2019.
We’ll take you on a trip into the wonderful world of statistical computing & Tableau.

As this is an interactive workshop, all attendees will be actively joining the training on their own laptop/Mac with a free Tableau Desktop Trial license (or with their own Tableau Desktop license if already present). A pre-installed or trial version of R is not required, the install, configuration, and correct setup is part of this workshop.

Biztory will teach you how to get the best out of Tableau & R!


For who?

  • Tableau beginner and intermediate users
  • People with beginner or intermediate knowledge of R or Python
  • For everybody who wants to extend their analytical toolset in Tableau

Preferred prerequisite knowledge?

  • Knowledge on table calculations in Tableau
  • Some affinity with code for data analysis


What & why

  • Why are you here? You strive for optimal usage of Tableau for Analytical purpose.
  • Data Science with Tableau: facts and fiction/managing expectations
  • Out of the box: Regression, Forecasting, Clustering, what’s next?
  • Going beyond: What exactly are these external services (R/Python/Matlab)?


  • Setting up the external service: R, Rserve() and R Studio
  • How Does Tableau deal with R and Python code? SCRIPT_*
  • Before we dive in, meet your new best friend: Table calculations.
  • Sending and receiving data with the external services:
    Script_bool, Script_int, Script_real, Script_str
    Monitoring the behind the scenes (strings & vectors)
    Densification, aggregation, and order of operations
  • Using external libraries, packages, and models with Tableau

About Biztory

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Tim Dries
Analytics Consultant