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We help you get answers from data. Easier. Faster. We can help you with licenses, services, and training in a simple and unique oriented approach to provide better insight on your company goals. Biztory is a Tableau Gold reseller, the market leader in Analytics.

We are a preferred partner for Europe with offices in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. We have the most skilled and certified Tableau consultants building a great expertise and client portfolio. Biztory can help you solve any challenge on a technical and/or business level.


We are here to inspire you. Analytics is a broad subject, we can guide you how Tableau is solving various analytical challenges.


We have an international team of consultants who accelerate you in becoming a data-driven organization. We are eager to share our knowledge with you in getting value from your data.


We are a preferred Tableau Partner guiding you through every step of the buying process, from the first license to an enterprise-wide implementation.

Biztory Team

Timothy Vermeiren

Analytics Consultant


Kjell Geerts

Analytics Consultant


Matthias Goossens

Analytics Consultant


Bjorn Cornelis

Analytics Consultant


Matthew Miller

Managing Partner


Geoffrey Smolders

Managing Partner


Fabian Zimmer

Analytics Consultant


Anna Bossmann

Operations Director


Catalina Fluerici

Analytics Consultant


Wim Kegels

Analytics Consultant


Tim Dries

Analytics Consultant


Marc Vermeulen

Analytics Consultant

Lex Pierik

Analytics Consultant


Hans-Kristiaan Koch

Sales Executive

Damien Arazi

Analytics Consultant

Emmanuel Agyekum

Sales Executive Netherlands


Denise Gänßmantel

Inside Sales DACH

Alexander Philipeit

Analytics Consultant

Sophie Sparkes

Managing Partner UK


Juan Manuel Perafan

Analytics Consultant